Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Why Did Kavin Leave The House? Hear Out The Reason From Kavin Himself

Bigg Boss Tamil, the first promo released and it showcases Kamal Haasan making his entry into the nail-biting Saturday episode. The excitement surrounding the promo is about the evicted contestant named Kavin, making a comeback to the house. Audiences are waiting to see his presence back in the Bigg Boss house, after his recent controversial eviction.

The fan base of Kavin has been increasing in the count since day one of Bigg Boss and in this situation, the count has gone skyrocket. Kavin was given an opportunity to either stay back in the house or acquire 5 Lakhs Rupees and walk out immediately.

He had no second thought and eventually ended up picking the price amount and went out stupendously. Even after his friends, Sandy and Losliya opposed him with his decision, and cried their heart to continue playing the game, Kavin never fell out of his decision.

In this first promo, Kamal himself narrates the crucial decision taken by Kavin and states that only Kavin himself can voice out the real reason behind choosing to get evicted from the house.

If Kavin walks through the magnum opus Bigg Boss house or shares the screen with Kamal, a ‘Kurum Padam’ is highly guaranteed to air.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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