Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Why Abhirami Venkatachalam Is Evicted From The House?

Just like at the end of any week, a contestant is eliminated from the house. And this week it is Abhirami Venkatachalam. Though Madhumita got self-eliminated herself by attempting suicide, we saw another casual elimination.

For this week, five contestants got nominated for elimination, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Mugen Rao, Madhumitha, Losliya Mariyanesan, and Madhumitha. And among these, all were expecting Abhirami to get eliminated this week.

Abhirami Eliminated

There are no major reasons behind Abhirami’s elimination. She didn’t get into any fights or had any rifts with other housemates. But the nature of the show demands you to not only be good but you should also impress the audience enough.

Lack of effort in tasks and crying for little things are the reason stated by the audience for her elimination. However, many netizens also said that she deserved another chance in the show. The audience expressed their love through social media.

Abhirami got least votes among the nominated contestants and became the 9th contestant to leave the house. Though she was eliminated, Abhirami didn’t look to be sad. She was all happy and with a smile while leaving the house.

With the elimination of Abhirami, the house is left with seven more contestants. Those contestants are Losliya, Kavin, Cheran, Sherin Shringar, Tharshan, Sandy, Mugen Rao, and Kasthuri Shankar. One among these housemates will be crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Among these seven contestants, It will be interesting to see who will get nominated for elimination this week. Do follow our site to get regular updates on Bigg Boss.

So that is all we have to say about the elimination of Abhirami from the show. What do you think about this elimination? Do you think Abhirami deserved one more chance? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below.

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