Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results: Check out who is leading in this week voting

The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is almost half-way through its course, and the competition among the contestants is on another level. As we are inching towards the weekend the butterflies must have started to come active in the stomachs of the four nominated contestants.

The planning and plotting that goes around for the entire week finally showed their results. Sandy, Tharshan, Cheran and Kasthuri are the ones at the verge of elimination this week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Vote Results:

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results: Check out who is leading in this week voting

Sandy maintaining a slender lead.

Sandy has managed to account for the highest votes among the nominated contestants, he is on the top of the leader board since the revealing of the votes for the week.

The lead maintained by Sandy is. however not a huge one, he cannot bank upon his lead to assure himself a place in the next week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results: Check out who is leading in this week voting

Cheran edges past Tharshan to bag the second spot.

Cheran was trailing behind Tharshan at the third spot the last time votes were declared. Currently, he is on the second spot slightly behind Sandy, he has covered the lead so quickly that if considering the pace he is going he might end up on top.

Is it too late for Kasthuri?

You might not agree with me but I guess it is almost done and dusted for Kasthuri unless we are set to witness a miracle. She is constantly on the last spot. There a considerable amount of votes differences between her, and the top three which doesn’t look like covering if continued at the current pace.

The current tally of votes:

Kasthuri at the bottom with 55723 votes, you can see the huge vote gap. Only a miracle could save her.

Cheran on three with180126 votes, the votes difference between him, and the second place are marginal.

Tharshan is at two with 182636 votes.

Sandy has managed to stay on top with 198397 votes. He has almost sealed his top spot.

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