Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Madhumitha Evicted From House After Suicide Attempt?

If you are thinking Bigg Boss is all fun and happy show then you are wrong. Some incident like the one we are doing to discuss today turn the show into a scary and disturbing thing. Can you believe a contestant attempted suicide in a TV show?

Yes, that’s right. Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Madhumitha has attempted to commit suicide after a series of thing didn’t go her way. This suicide attempt meant that she self-eliminated herself from the show.

What Made Madhumitha Attempt Suicide?

Madhumitha was considered one of most matured and well-behaved contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. It all started after Vanitha and Kasthuri have entered the house. Vanitha was seen provoking Madhumitha to get into fights with the boys in the house.

Soon after Madhumitha won a task and became the captain of the house, she is seen getting into a lot of arguments and verbal wards with Kavin, Sandy, Losliya, and others.

Madhumitha Eliminated

The time she attempted suicide was moments after she got into a heated argument with the boys in the house including Kavin. It was unfortunate to see someone attempt suicide in a reality show for something so unnecessary.

Majority of the netizens think that it is Vanitha’s plot that made Madhumitha attempt suicide. While some people are saying Kavin, Sandy and Losliya should be eliminated from the house for this, some others say that this suicide attempt is a coward move.

What About The Elimination This Sunday?

As of now, there is no news regarding the elimination that happens every Sunday. Madhumitha is also nominated for elimination this week. Abhirami, Kavin, Losliya, Madhumitha, and Mugen are the housemates nominated for elimination.

Most of the audience think that Madhumitha is safe this season and there is no way she is getting eliminated this week and then she attempted suicide and looks like self-nominated herself from the show.

Whether Madhumitha is the only contestant to get eliminated this week. Or will we see another elimination is the question that is rising among the show’s audience. To know the answer we have to wait till tonight to see what host Kamal Haasan has to say.

So what do you think? What is your opinion on Madhumitha’s suicide attempt? Whom do you think should be blamed for this? Also, do you think we will see another elimination this Sunday? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below.

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  1. Do not blame the guys for th sucide attempt by madhumitha. It was vanitha’s plot. If you need to put the blame on someone than vanitha is to be blame. We woman are brave. We face problems Everyday in our life. Are going to kill yourself for very problem we face. It is a coward act

  2. It was not an attempted suicide. If it was a attempted suicide she would have either cut her neck or chest or stomach. She never had the intention of committing suicide. It was just a fatal act which sparked on spur of the moment. After all, the issue was not a political issue, but a social issue. It was a plea to Lord Varuna which had been misunderstood by other participants. Moreover, she was in the habit of chanting OM NAMASIVAYA before beginning any work and a strong devotee of Lord Shiva. Such a character will not immediately resort to suicidal attempt. She is aware of her husband. This unfortunate incident occurred just because other participants had gone beyond their limits in addition the employment of indecent words. The immediate cause that had driven to take such measure is the issue that should be taken into consideration. Justice should not only be done but manifestly seem to be done. Mention should be made that Kamal and the organizers should have intervened at that crucial moment and resolved the matter peacefully.

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