Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Finale Updates: Kavin gets the Gamechanger Award

Having a huge fan base, Kavin was one of the top contestants in the list of winners of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 as his fans and lovers served him great support at every point and even saved him from being nominated for elimination every week.

However, when the offer was given by Bigg Boss to the contestants that they will get prize money worth Rupees 5 lakhs if they eliminate themselves, Kavin was the one who opted for this offer!!

Most of Kavin’s fans were surprised by his decision. Also, netizens were seen saying that Kavin was always low on confidence and this was expected from him.

Kavin Choses 50 Lakhs Bigg Boss Tamil

Seeing such a reaction from his fans, Kavin decided to give a rationale for the same on Instagram.

But as a result of his decision, the host Kamal Hassan presented the Game Changer award to Kavin, who is easily one of the most controversial contestants of the season.

Kavin also made a long speech to the audience thanking them for their support. He said, “I will never forget your support.”

Also, a big thanks to Kavin’s decision that the four finalists i.e. Losliya, Sherin, Sandy and Mugen made their way to the finals.

Although Kavin’s fans are happy with his win of Game Changer award, they would be the happiest ones if he would have become the winner of this title.

In a way, the major gains of Kavin’s decision was for Losliya. The main focus of Kavin’s ‘Army’ was on the promotion of the prospects of Losliya in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 finale.

It is most likely that Losliya will be the second runner up.

However, does Kavin deserves the game-changer award? What are your thoughts regarding this?

Naina Mulchandani
Naina Mulchandani
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