Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 April 1st Voting Results: A Silver Screen Treat, Week 7 Highlights, Vote Share

Silver Screen Treat:

Big Boss Malayalam 3 has been grabbing the headlines in the entertainment media of the silver screen. The main cause of curiosity among the viewers has been about the whole episode that will be airing on 1 April 2021, an episode the release of which has captivated their attention.

As the show has paced, amidst a blazing seventh week, we have evidenced the evacuation of five contestants as far as of now.

Unfortunately, the eight contestants nominated for the elimination in the seventh week of Big Boss 3 were Majiziya Bhanu, Lakshmi Jayan, Michelle Ann, Remya Oanicker, and Angel Thomas bid their goodbyes as they got evicted.

Week 7 Highlights:

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

What sent air of chills among the spectators of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 was the ‘laundry company’ task and the nominations. With that happening, the popularity rose to peak for the show as well as for Manikuttan.

This week’s reality show drama was all about washing and ironing performances and how it has been impacting the voting by a sizeable portion. Lakshmi and Sandhya have constantly been skulking in the last two positions.

The respective contestants’ vote bank sheds up a pretty interesting story of their strategies and behaviors since the commencement of this show.

Vote Share:

Ramsan got 20% of the voting share while nobody got 13% of the vote share and both got 22% of it, Anoop got 10%, Kidilam Firoz got 10%, Sandhya Manoj got 6%, Soorya got 11% of the voting share while Bhagya Lakshmi got 8% of the voting share.

With a spectacular budget and nominations happening this week, the TRPs have skyrocketed for Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3. People getting evicted due to them being nominated will have a significant impact on the voting results.

The Headliners:

The rivalry between Ramsan and Anoop will have a significant effect on both of them’ voting trends. Since Sajna and Firoz’s team Excel the laundry desk, they are most probably expected to be favored and have dominance.

Bhagya Lakshmi’s few time attempts to make a group inside the house will be seen. The famous fight between Rose Khan is undeniably going to get a lot of attention.


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