Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 : Wild Card Contestant Amrutha Suresh Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband and Unknown Facts

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is showcasing new surprises given that the series has been around for the last 50 days. Bigg Boss has a strict pattern where the wild card contestants are introduced in the show for replacing the contestants who have been eliminated from the show and often these wild card contestants also replace the ones who have health issues in the show.

Sooraj, Jasla, Daya, and Pawan have reportedly made several contributions in distinctive stages of the reality show. Nevertheless, the show chose to introduce a brand-new wild contestant, Amrutha Suresh. By the looks of it, Amrutha is one of the loved Malayalee singers. There have been several speculations as to who will be introduced as the next contestant and finally, Amrutha Suresh was chosen.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 : Wild Card Contestant Amrutha Suresh Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband and Unknown Facts

Amrutha Suresh: Bio

In the Malayalam film industry, Amrutha Suresh has made a name for herself which her singing abilities. In addition to this, she became extremely popular when she featured on the Asianet show, Star Singer.

Moreover, she fell in love with one of the special guests of the show and ultimately they are married. Later in 2016, the singer was divorced and now she’s single again. Amrita split from her husband and the topsy-turvy lifestyle has been quite controversial in the country.

Amrutha Suresh: Wiki

Throughout the career, Amrutha Suresh has gone through several changes. She has done modeling and there are several photo sessions in the industry that she was a part of. Amrutha Suresh has also uplifted the career of her sister, Abhirami Suresh who has found a mainstream.

She got into a band namely Amritangamaya and it was an overnight hit in the state. Additionally, she also featured in many albums before becoming a mainstream celebrity.

Amrutha Suresh: Social Media

Even today Amrutha Suresh thanks social media for transforming her life and career since 2010. The singer is active on Instagram and YouTube. Her social media handles were subjected to cyber attacks due to her popularity. Now Amrutha will make waves by participating in one of the largest realities show in the country, Bigg Boss Malayalam.

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