Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Week 5 Elimination – Daya Leads The Poll | Veena And Reshma In Danger – VOTE NOW!

In Boss Malayalam 2 house, week 1 went peacefully with contestants opening up bit by bit by sharing their stories but with time this has taken a violent turn. They were also warned by Mohanlal for violating the principles of the house.

This season’s first elimination happened this weekend with the eviction of Rajini Chandy. Reshma Rajan was the second one to get eliminated. Meantime, Somdas had to exit due to illness. Followed by this, Thesni Khan was the last contestant to be eliminated.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

As Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has entered a crucial phase of third elimination, the fifth elimination this week will be fascinating. The audience is looking forward to a lot of action, drama, and suspense when Mohanlal, the host will dig into the happening of this week. However, the nomination has been announced it is not quite evident who will be evicted this week.

The season spiced up by the two wildcard entries, Daya Ashwathy and Jazla Madassari nonetheless, they ended up being nominated.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Week 5 Nominated Contestants

• Daya Ashwathy
• Pradeep Chandran
• Reshma Rajan
• Veena Nair
• Jazla

Daya is up on the votes, Veena and Reshma are in danger. According to the poll of day 1 voting, Daya is leading the votes of these nominations for elimination. It was a little surprising to see Veena and Reshma get nominated for this week again. Jazla and Daya are on top of the poll. Though things can swing either side according to the upcoming tasks.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Week 5 Vote Share

• Daya Ashwathy- 44%
• Pradeep Chandran- 13%
• Reshma Rajan- 4%
• Veena Nair- 18%
• Jazla- 21%

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  1. Am a regular viewer of bigboss malayalam. Biggboss2 is not up to the mark. Not sure if asianet wants Renjith sir to win. Even if he does mistake it’s edited. Don’t have strong contestant who can compete with dr. Arya and Raghu is only 2 players who has quality.

    • BB not fair.. Promoting DRK is showing favoritism.. I feel they are other good players in the show. Focusing most of DRK conversations is showing disregard to other contestants.

  2. The call task has turned on the heat in the house. But i dont find it fair. When veena cried everyone started pointing it out that it was a task and when pawan cried it wasnt the scenario. On above of all this when pawan was swearing Sandra non of them were man enough to stop him. Instead of firing at him they all stood and spoke by supporting him.

  3. Dr Rajith is the only one in house who is real and at the same time a good player. I like fukru also. Arya manju and raghu are tricky. They could be good players but definitely they are not genuine.

  4. Watching bigg boss..first the standard is very low…all the contestants are of poor it that you need to stoop to this low to be in game…some socalled celebrity are there for nothing. Most of them are physically and mentally not fit…either they are swearing or crying…very pathetic…and funny to see some cheap fake lovers…God save the show…very very …biased…one one person against 16 fools

  5. Hi Bigg Boss,
    It is ahumble request that BB should interfere with much’s attitude or evicted/ warned for her words and behaviour. It is not a genune show she is reckless, and culturless talk.

    Also Jazla yelling without any point only two three words, gender, bharana Ghatana, etc. Not at a;; good.!!!!

  6. Dear mohanlal sir,
    Every week we are fed up regarding Mr.Renjith being nominated because it’s obvious one set of people always says the same thing.cant a day be spared for Renjith as always group of people attacking has become bored because of this.other people are useless in my terms.i don’t know y they are behind his elimination.there is Manju,Veena and some few who have to be eliminated

  7. Dr ranjit is good prayer I agree. He has lot of knowlege. But what I felt after watching all episode is he doesn’t allow other to talk or point out his mistake. He never disclosed about his wife and kid. He always cries he doesn’t have family or anyone. Now people have to think what is reason for that. A good counsellor or motivational speaker didn’t have family. Cant influence 16 people in house. Like Raghu said dr is a good book to keep inside the self when required take a read. He has lot of ego. My vote is for arya. Very strong personality. Puts points across properly. She accepts that dr is strong competitor. Anyways the way the pr work is going on for dr will make him win this bigboss 2. So it’s better to stop this show and declare the winner.

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