Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Week 10 Results – Five Contestants in Danger Zone – Rj Raghu, Reshma Rajan, Shaji, Aswathy, Amrutha nominated

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 has reached its peak stage, every weekend the host, Mohanlal, comes up with new twists. The contestants have returned after recovering from their eye infection with full strength. We faced so many ups and downs in week 9 with few contestants forming groups. One of the leaders is Rajith Kumar and he got challenged by the wild card entries Amrutha and Abirami who are emerging as a really strong combo in voting polls of Week 9. Last weekend due to no Elimination, Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 faced a little criticism from the audience. Host, Mohanlal announced that Veena Nair is getting evicted according to the vote polls.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Week 10

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Week 10 Results - Five Contestants in Danger Zone - Rj Raghu, Reshma Rajan, Shaji, Aswathy, Amrutha nominated

Week 10 Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination Nomination List

  • RJ Raghu
  • Reshma Rajan
  • Amrutha- Abirami
  • Pashanam Shaji
  • Daya Aswathy

Week By Week Eliminated Contestants Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

  • Week 1: No Eviction
  • Week 2: Rajini Chandy
  • Week 3: Parekutty, Suresh Krishnan
  • Week 4: Thesni Khan
  • Week 5: No Eviction
  • Week 6: Pradeep Chandran
  • Week 7: Manju Pathrose
  • Week 8: RJ Sooraj, Jazla Madasseri
  • Week 9: Veena Nair
  • Week 10: Not Yet Updated

Voting Procedure Big Boss Malayalam 2

  • Download Hotstar App on your IOS or Android Phone
  • Login or signup an account with your phone number or E-mail address.
  • Look for “Bigg Boss Malayalam 2”
  • Click on the “Vote Now” button to vote for your favorite contestant.
  • You can at max cast 50 votes. You can give all 50 votes to one contestant or can split up your votes for multiple contestants too.
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  1. Why audience being punished emotionally by exhibiting crying science and participants’ inability to take quality decisions? Hope the reality show is not aiming to children. Audience expect the program to be of Asianet ‘s standard and our Mr. Mohanlal’s reputation.

  2. Dr.Rajith showed his true color finally, he was unnecessarily being portrayed as a leader and as an ideal man, what happened now. The show and the channel will be barred if you bring him back. He is a loser. He is against women and he always targeted Reshma, he needs to apologize to her and compensate for the damage caused to her reputation and physically

    • Didn’t you see that he had already said SORRY like a hell lot of time !! And he did that not as Dr.Rejith kumar In fact as a small high school mischievous kid !! Even fukru hurtled him In a very bad condition in between the task !! Didn’t you see that ?? Everything is fine by then ?? Then why only this ??

      • True.. ഒരു വികൃതി കുട്ടിയായി മാറുവാൻ കട്ടികൂടിയ ഒരു കുസൃതിയായി ഇതിനെ കണക്കാക്കണം..
        മനപ്പൂർവം ആരെയും ഉപദ്രവിക്കാനോ സ്ത്രീത്വത്തെ ആക്ഷേപിക്കാനോ ഒന്നും ചെയ്തതായി പറയുന്നത് വിഡ്ഢിത്തമാണ്

  3. Dr. Rajith Kumar’s punishment exit, so shocked by almost all house members except Arya & Fukru. Rajith was in a good lead, and these two couldn’t overtake. Now these two think the got chance.
    I wish the winner will be Saya or Amrutha/Abhirami.

    • Arya and fukru is far better than Abhirami and amruta. Atleast arya is playing against ranjit not like some people who show they are very close to ranjit and talk when he is not there. Without strong contestensts ther is no fun. Ranjit army only want him to be in this show if that is the case eliminate everyone and let only ranjith alone play.

  4. This will be secret room task. I could see that Rajith army always talks bad about arya. Kind of bad language they use for all the contestants. Is this the culture they have learned at home. Last year same thing happned with Ranjini haridas. Asianet will make her the winner. Finally what happned. Even if asianet wants arya to win she should have someone one supporting her. She doesn’t even have 1% vote. Then why this insecurity. Every one know that ranjit is the winner. We have to understand this is just a game show. Stop using bad language.

  5. Rajith kumar is given unwanted importance, Sijo Amrita Abhirami Raghu & Alesandra are playing a foul game after coming back, playing behind him, play straight and wins, it pays good….. Treat everyone as a contestant…..Rejith is given the punishment which he deserves according to his crime……

  6. U guys still dont knw the exact reason behind dr’ action. So please .. They are all players .. Just rember only that. They all are there to take earn money for their family.. But only dr’s family is cancer patients

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