Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 21 February- Rajith Kumar is on Top- Manju is in Danger

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has already entered its seventh week. The drama and chaos in the house are taking a new twist and turns every day. The eliminations of this week of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 are going to be very exciting for the audience. The nominations have been announced already but its still not clear who will get evicted this week.

Since there was no elimination in week 5 and Pradeep was eliminated in week 6 elimination. therefore there is a greater chance that there will be double eliminations this week. This time Rajith Kumar is on the top of the voting poll. Fukru is not much behind Rajith in the voting poll.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 21 February- Rajith Kumar is on Top- Manju is in Danger

Nominations for Week 7 Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

1.Dr. Rajith Kumar
2. Veena Nair
3. Jazla
4. Manju Sunichan
5. Fukru
6. Arya

Arya is the strongest contestant?

Fukru was the one who voted against Arya. He explained to Rajith that she is the best contender. Rajith wasn’t sure about it. Fukru tried to turn his back against her for the game. Arya had said no to use her ‘no elimination card’. But as per the reports, she’s on the third position on vote poll and far away from leading.

Luxury budget task triggers fight?

Arya, Shaji, Veena, Rajith were in one team. Manju was getting treatment from Bigg Boss due to her injury. Jazla told her teammates that Rajith and Veena are acting that they are in pain. She told Bigg Boss too that Rajith is faking his pain. Jazla did not play because she thought that the other team is acting for pain. She also said that she might leave the house this week with the humanity she has.

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  1. Dr Rajith want to be the winner… He is trying all crooked ways to win. Now he is brainwashing fukru… He is success full to e great extent. He want other competitors to accept his views… His soliloquies will show his actual mindset.. by hook or crook he wants to win… before coming to bigboss he has arranged many of his well wishers to post comments favouring him… Anyways good luck bigboss and also the participants…

  2. Arya, is the worst player I felt, too much of drama….total nonsense justifications she gives, 1) always criticism/comments is made on account of contestants personal life ( in case of Pawan( that her wife supports), Dr Rajit( has no family), Jasla( emotional), sometimes for Shaji( no kids ) , Daya( one time success from social media )and not on actual basis of contestants performance inside the house. Too much drama while giving justifications for nominations. She should be out of the house so that other genuine contestants play well and make Bigg boss an interesting show

  3. I hate dr. Rajith. The reason they are eliminating him is because of his character. I always want him to leave. The participants are really annoyed by this and it is not too good to touch someones personal places in a platform like this….

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