Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 17th March – Amrutha, Abirami on Top- Raghu and Daya Are In Danger

Season 2 of Bigg Boss Malayalam has already entered its eleventh week. The audience is getting to see new dramas every day. Most of the contestants came back to the house after they got treated for eye infection. Bigg Boss evicted Rajith Kumar due to his misbehavior shown in school task when he smeared Reshma’s face with red chilies. This week, that is, in Week 11 all eight contestants of Bigg Boss House are nominated for eliminations.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 17th March - Amrutha, Abirami on Top- Raghu and Daya Are In Danger

Amrutha- Abirami At Top Of Voting Poll- Daya And Raghu In Bottom

As per the trends of previous weeks, Amruth and Abirami are at the top of the voting poll. They riding each other’s shoulders well and proving to be one of the strongest combos in Bigg Boss House. Shaji and Arya are doing well while Daya and Raghu are in danger.

Week 11 Elimination Nominations Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

  • Daya Aswathy– 7%(DANGER)
  • Alasandra– 13%
  • Amrutha- Abirami– 22%
  • RJ Raghu-8% (DANGER)
  • Arya– 16%
  • Sujo Mathew– 17%
  • Alina– 8%(DANGER)
  • Pashanam Shaji– 9%

Week 11 Elimination Updates Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

Week 5 in Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 was ‘No Elimination’ Week. In Week 6, Pradeep Chandran got eliminated. Manju Pathrose who was trailing in nomination from week 1 got eliminated in Week 7. It was a bit shocking as double eviction happened in Week 8 and Jazla and Sooraj got eliminated. Veena was at the bottom position in week 8 but she got saved by the whisker but she couldn’t hold on to the competition in week 9 and got eliminated.

Fukru took a break this week from elimination nominations. While Shaji was in the Top 2 from the last two weeks but he is in nominations this week too. The fight for the top position is between Arya, Shaji, and Amrutha- Abirami.

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