Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Reshma got evicted from the house

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is in the most dramatic moment ever in its short history. It’s been heavily entertaining for the Mallu viewers as it had in its arsenal a plethora of personalities that had arrogance, leadership, strategic character, conning character, all of this gave a wonderful experience and a learning experience for the viewers. Within the short span of fewer than two months, Dr. Rajith Kumar managed to get a huge number of followers.

Yesterday’s episode made a lot of mishaps in the official Asianet social media handles, and the reason is quite fascinating. Dr. Rajith Kumar who had to leave the house due to his misbehavior by rubbing chilli sauce on contestant Reshma’s eyes returned to get into the house. Regarding the issue, Reshma’s fans or someone had already filed a case against him. But her father told her to forgive him if he had apologized.

Reshma Got Evicted

When Rajith said sorry and asked her if he could be reinstated into the house, she denied him entry. The sight of Dr Rajith leaving permanently(doesn’t seem likely) in tears was unbearable for a lot of viewers.

Rajith Kumar army took their anger to the official page of Asianet, host Mohanlal, evicted contestant Jezla, etc. Even some famous personalities showed their anger too. This resulted in Asianet’s intervention.

Evicted Member Declared Before Episode Premiere

For the first time in Asianet Bigg Boss premiere, they had shown the elimination of a contestant through their promo itself. Watch the promo video here. Reshma was the reason for Dr Rajith Sir’s “permanent” eviction. We have to wait and see if he will return after Reshma’s exit from the show.



  1. It is not fair that Reshma got evicted,it looks like it is getting even for Rajit kumar’s permanent eviction.Abhirami&
    Amrita should be evicted because they
    came in midway of the game &they are very caniving,so isRaghu,Sujo&Alessandra.Arya,Fukru&
    Shaji are the real worthy ones to win the title.

  2. To ann-Last time bigg boss also contestants entered through wild card entry if u have no idea bout it….reshma is not kicked out of the house coz of the chilli incident …otherwise also she was on danger zone ..coz most
    Of the people dint like
    Her coz of her rash behaviour …so u cannot tell she wasnt supposed to go …thn arya,fukru and shaji,abhirami,amrutha ,raghu,sujo allesandra all are good players…if ur perception of fukru,arya abs shaji are good players …thn y hosting the show with so many with three of dem ..y all dis drama

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