Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote : Fukru is the new captain- Shaji is back in house

Fukru has become the new captain of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 house after he defeated Abhirami and Amritha in a nail-biting competition.

Fukru Won The Captaincy Task ‘Parakkum Thalika’

In the 54th episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 the contestants who were selected for the captaincy task we Abhirami, Amritha, Sujo, Fukru. The selected contestants were instructed by Bigg Boss to line up in the garden area. In the task ‘Parakkum Thalika’ contestants were supposed to fill up their bowl with the thermacol balls which were kept at a distance. The twist to the task came with the boxing gloves they had to wear during the competition.

At the beginning of the competition, Abhirami and Amritha were leading but Fukru managed to defeat them and win the task and the captaincy of the house. Fukru stated that this victory of his is his revenge on some people, who doubted his capabilities and said he won’t be able to make it to the finale.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote : Fukru is the new captain- Shaji is back in house

Pashanam Shaji back in the house

Keeping the captaincy task aside another major event happened when Pashanam Shaji returned to the Bigg Boss house after his medical treatment. He was diagnosed with some health issues and was taken to the hospital. Pashanam Shaji told Arya that he is better now and that doctors have prescribed some new medicines for him. It was an emotional moment for Arya when Pashanam Shaji made a comeback into the house. Arya narrated everything that happened in the house during his absence.

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