Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination: Manju Pathrose’s Journey In The Show Ends | Another Surprise Elimination To Take Place?

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has already finished the seventh week. There have been numerous entertainment in the reality show with constant disagreement, fights and drama. So far, several contestants have been eliminated from the show such as Reshma Rajan, Pradeep Chandran, and Thesni Khan. However, this week there will be a surprise elimination which the viewers are looking forward to.

There weren’t any elimination in the fifth and the sixth week; however, in the sixth week, Pradeep was eliminated. Reshma, one of the contestants, was safe from the nomination due to health issues. In the meantime, Dr. Rajith became the audience favorite in just seven weeks and he has been nominated this week as well.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination: Manju Pathrose’s Journey In The Show Ends | Another Surprise Elimination To Take Place?

The early predictions suggest that Rajithkumar and Fukru are going to be the finalists of the show. The early predictions suggest that Manju Pathrose is leaving the show due to elimination.

Manju Pathrose leaves the show with a positive note

During the elimination round, Mohanlal did request that the contestants who have been nominated should stand up. He directly announced the name of the contestant who is eliminated from the show and revealed Manju’s name.

The great thing about the nomination was that Manju left the house with a blissful smile and the contestant revealed that she’s not going to miss the contestants. The audience was extremely surprised to see the positive side of Manju upon elimination. Moreover, Mohanlal also said that he is very surprised to see someone accept an elimination so positively.

It feels that the audience was tired of the longtime drama of Manju Sunichan’s unending drama. In addition to this, the audience was quite shocked that Manju wasn’t eliminated the previous week. Let’s see what happens in the show in the forthcoming weeks.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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  1. In the last nomination process., Dr Rajith’s reason for nominating Manju was her relationship with Fukru. He mentioned that he saw something awkward with their relationship. I want to know whether this allegation is true or not., because we audience watch only the edited part(almost 45minutes)… If it is a baseless allegation MrRajith should be kicked out of the bigboss house.

  2. I posted a comment… and you are saying that it is repetition.. Utter nonsense… I am putting it for the first time…. If you can find some other reasons find it out…. don’t give flimsy reasons…. shame on your part…

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