Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Contestant RJ Sooraj Wiki, Bio, Age, Photos, Relationship Status, Unknown Facts | Know It All

As the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is moving forward, a lot of things are happening in the house and the show which is enthralling for the audience. There have been two wild card entries in the house the previous week. Nevertheless, the addition of wild card contestants in the house doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon.

There are around two more wild card contestants who are going to be introduced in the show. By the looks of it, one of the contestants is RJ Suraj a video blogger, radio jockey, and social observer.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Contestant RJ Sooraj Wiki, Bio, Age, Photos, Relationship Status, Unknown Facts | Know It All

Alma MaterSt. Joseph School, Kannur
St. Aloysious College
11 January, 1988
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionRadio Jockey
Social Observer
HobbiesBody Building
Eye Colour
Hair Colour

Sooraj is a resider of a beautiful region named Sreekandapuram which is located in Kannur. Sooraj began his journey as a Radio Jockey with Radio Mango. Previously, his radio channel was named as Kannur Station.

Further, he continued his career as a radio jockey from Radio Malayalam FM Station which is located in Qatar. While his stay in Qatar, Sooraj started to share with the world whatever he was observing is the society and the world around him. He became instantly hit across several social media platforms because of his observational skills.

Sooraj has involved in some sort of controversies while there was a cyber-attack on a few girls at the time of celebrating world AIDS day. Later Sooraj ended up getting death threats from people across the region and later he was seen apologizing for the comments which he had made earlier.

Sooraj also got into a controversy later in 2018 after he mocked a fish selling girl named Hanan. By the looks of it, Hanan was selling dishes to people while she was wearing her school uniform. RJ Suraj will become a significant contender due to the ideological disputes among several other contestants in the show.

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