Bigg Boss Kannada : Actress Vijayalakshmi To Enter Sudeep’s Show?

Big Boss will be on air from October 13 on Colors Kannada as it was disclosed in its second promo.

The one thing running in the head of buffs is that who will be the contestants of this season. As we all know this season it’s just the celebrities and no commoners. Also from the latest reports, we can expect Vijayalakshmi to be a part of this show. A multilingual actress has come up in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films and made an account of 40 films more of which are Kannada. She is known for her ability and elegance. Kannada media reported that she has accepted to take part as a contestant in ‘Big Boss Kannada’.

Bigg Boss Kannada : Actress Vijayalakshmi To Enter Sudeep's Show?

She was admitted to the hospital because of high blood pressure. After pleading help from the Tamil and Kannada film actors she was approached by the channel and now she is ready to join the most awaited show in the Kannada television industry.

According to the reports we can also expect V J Agni, Neha Patil, Kuri Pratap, Jay D’Souza, Ragini Dwivedi, Parul Yadav. But the actual list will be announced on the day of premiere until then this question will keep buzzing on who may enter the BB residence.

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