Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Results 24th December – Shine Leads the Audience Voting

The well-renowned show Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada is in its eleventh week. The spicy drama that takes place in the house which includes fights, chaos and fun from serious to petty matters goes on as ever before. Now that each moment of the show is getting more crucial with it reaching the final part of the season, contestants are taking each and every game that takes place more seriously. With that said, this week’s elimination undoubtedly will be a very crucial one.


From the quick glance that the show host Kiccha Sudeep given about the upcoming episode makes it a promising watch.While only the nominations for possible eviction has only been announced its quite obvious that Vasuki or Chaitra Kottoor will get evicted. The fake eviction of Harish was the most dramatic moment in the entire current season. The twist along with the cancellation of direct nomination Chandan was a surprise moment for the audience and the house members as well.

Week 11, Nominations for Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada Tenth Elimination

  • Chaitra Kotur
  • Chandan Achar
  • Bhoomi
  • Shine
  • Vasuki

From the average taken and analyzed from many major unofficial and official polling results, Shine is leading with more than 29 per cent while Vasuki and Chandan are in the danger zone. These details are only from the day one of Audience voting and from the past, if we can learn something it is only that you should never rely on the primary results as it could change dramatically in the end.

The contestants are giving their utmost capability to outshine each other while the tasks given to them gets harder and harder.

Voting Techniques: Online

  • Using the Voot App: Open the app and after login, you will find the banner on the same when you search for Bigg Boss Kannada on the Search box.
  • Direct link to cast your vote: Voot Webpage: Bigg Boss`S7 Kannada
  • Using Myjio App:Right after you enter the app you could spot the banner about Bigg Boss Kannada Voting.

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