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Chandana one of the pre-eminent TV actresses of Kannada got famous with Chukki one of the serials. Not only this, but she also acted in various TV shows like Raja Rani, etc. In order to be more famous, she is participating in Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 which is commencing from 13th October 6 pm onwards.

Chandana Ananthakrishna

About Chandana Ananthakrishna

Her real and nicknames are Chandana Ananthakrishna. Chandana is a TV actress and an excellent dancer by profession. Her eyes and color of the hair are black.

Born in the year 1993 in Bengaluru and now she is just 26 years old. Though, she entered the TV debut with Kinnare and from their Chandana got famous. Talking about its life journey, she is married and has a clear status until now. She takes just 16,000 per episode despite being so popular.

Chandana is present on almost social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc and you can quickly check her profile on Facebook by following this link

For Facebook page follow this link for more updates of Chandana

She feels proud to be Hindu by religion and have Indian Nationality.

Some unknown facts about Chandana

  • Quit Serials to get an entry in Bigg Boss Kannada 7
  • Classical dancer by profession and got famous with TV serial Chukki and Raja Rani
  • Around 50 thousand followers follow her on Instagram, and it is predicted it will surge after getting into Bigg Boss
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