Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Online 5th Week Elimination: Who will be eliminated from Nine Contestants?

The most hyped and most viewed show Big Boss Telugu 4 has completed it’s 5th week and its time for elimination. The show has started in the first week of September, and several contestants already got eliminated from the show. Here is the nomination list for the 5th-week eliminations of the show. Take a look at the detailed information.

The nomination process for the fifth week has become crucial and tense as a total of nine contestants were nominated for the fifth week from the show. Last time nine people were nominated in the second week where Karate Kalyani got eliminated from them.

The contestants are being in agony, and are hiding, trying to control their anger, and to be stable as there are several reasons for their anger. This week it is interesting that every contestant will be saying who should be eliminated. It is heating up for the contestants. Here is the list of all those nine contestants who were nominated for elimination this week.

Big Boss Telugu 4 Week Five Elimination Nominations: 

  • Akhil- Abhijit, Rajasekhar
  • Ariana Glory – Rajasekhar Master, Akhil‌
  • Aulasya – Divi, Noel
  • Avinash – Akhil, Monal
  • Sujata – Akhil, Ariana
  • Sumar Sai – Sujatha, Noel
  • Sohail – Abhijit, Noel
  • Mehboob – Sujatha, Lasy
  • Gangavva – Noel, Abhijit
  • Rajashekar – Abhijit, Ariana
  • Jharika – Monal, Akhil
  • Divi – Lasya, Sohail
  • Monal – Harika, Avinash
  • Abhijit – Sohail, Akhil
  • Noel – Rajasekhar, Sohail

After analyzing the above information, it is understood that the contestants- Akhil, Abhijit, Noel, Sohail, Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha, and Ariana were nominated by most of the contestants. But we cannot decide from that stat as almost everyone is in the danger zone.

But according to our analysis, Sujata is at high risk of getting eliminated from the house along with Rajasekhar as there are many loopholes for them to be selected for elimination. So, this is our prediction, comment down what you people are thinking and stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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