Bigg Boss Tamil vote: Save your favourite candidate from this week elimination

The voting process for this week is concluded, and the contestants who are under the radar of getting eliminated are decided.

Nominated contestants for the week:

Abhirami Venkatachalam, Kavin, Madhumitha, Losliya and Mugen are the contestants who are facing the threat of getting eliminated this week.

Detailed updates on the happenings of the week:

Mugen is nominated for the first time in the season. He has received the highest number of votes in the nominations of the week. His friendship with Abhirami Venkatachalam is proving fatal for him, the other contestants are not liking his bonding with Abhirami Venkatachalam.

Kavin is the second contestant to come in the nominated list with four votes, after Mugen with five votes.

Abhirami Venkatachalam is nominated for the fourth consecutive time, she received 3 votes. She lost her cool on entering the confession room and pleaded the Bigg Boss to evict her out of the house.

Madhumitha got three votes which confirmed her a place in the nomination list. Losliya will find her a little unlucky as she will face the nomination this week after getting only 2 votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil vote: Save your favourite candidate from this week elimination

How to cast votes for your favorite contestants, and save them:

  • Open the Hotstar app on your android phone.
  • Look for the Bigg boss Tamil template on the home screen or search for it. Open the page.
  • There you will find the vote button. Click on the ‘Vote’ button.

The names of the contestants who are nominated for the week will appear.
Each user will be entitled to cast 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight. Users can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among the nominated contestants.

Otherwise, you can give a missed call on the number which is allocated to the nominated contestants.

Viewers can give 10 missed calls from one number in a week. Here are the dedicated numbers allotted to the nominated contestants.

Abhirami: 836 7796 801
Kavin: 836 7796 804
Losliya: 836 7796 805
Madhu: 836 7796 806
Mugen: 836 7796 808

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Josh Linus
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  1. Because mathumitha is good character. And well the play everyday. One task is heavy tuff ..but mathumitha very simply the success and win the game.. Very good approach for mathumitha. So I vote the only for mathu..

  2. Because mathumitha is good character. And well the play everyday. One task is heavy tuff ..but mathumitha very simply the success and win the game.. Very good approach for mathumitha. So I vote the only for mathu..

  3. Send that madhu Mita…creating non sense at home…vanishing peace…

    When these girls… Have no issues in talking to him…. Why the hell she is bothered…. Using big words an all….

  4. I think MADHUMITHA should out from bigg boss house because she started to listen to VANITHA…
    But VANITHA try to (noondhi vidurathu) MADHUMITHA to shout out the fake statement…VANITHA is enjoying the days in bigg boss house be know one can eliminate her unless bigg boss…HOPE MADUMITHA GO OUT AND [ABHIRAMI NEED TO SAVE]

    • Y u say mental.. because he is Malaysian is it..
      He is still an Indian.. tamizhan..his not mental…when people like u create havoc..orukari

  5. Sandy waste fellow, how long you will be withstanding? Surely somebody supporting you.but you will come out soon.Earn up to this period.Ithellam oru pollapu unaku !!!Joker da nee.thu.

  6. Hii sir, madhu n kasthuri romba pesraanga kavin ah, we dont like this . innoru time madhu adha pathi pesa kudaadhu nee nga idha sollunga oru time sollalam ok nu sollalam but adikadi solranga idhu engaluku suththama pudikala . save kavin, mugen n losliya .
    Tq sir.

  7. No worries no need nominates her. She will go automatically after kamal sir open the BB main door. She the tell the statement from her mouth. Be go. No hv own brain. Influence with others.

  8. Madumitha have to safe!! She is only one who talk rights things and take care of everyone !!! Losliya playing safe game, and she have to eliminate !!

  9. Madhu has said what she needs to voice up but the 4 guys are not giving her way instead they’re the worst guys with bad mouth including Losliya is the worst women I’ve ever come across and they should be out. What Madhu says is 100% correct. The 4 guys and Losliya are the worst drama king and queen and have the worst attitude ever seen. Kavin is such and ugly character with such a bad mouth and Losliya pretty well join him and being his best buddies don’t ever think you ca last in this Bigg boss house. You’ll be thrown out sooner or later with such a very bad attitude and character came all the way from Sri Lanka. Thought you’ll be a good women but worst going after a men or shall I say begging for a men even after knowing his true colour. Your true colour and character will come out Losliya hate you and Kavin to the worst.

    • that’s none of Ur business..u cant even take of a country’s name to ditch a girl…if she was talking with boys gang that’s her wish..ur not supposed say abt a girl’s char without knowing abt her…..u too speakingl lyk madhu……ur just lyk her as same as hurtng people by saying the same wrds,,,
      ss ofcourse kavin as flirted but what’s ur prblm in that..the girls whom he talked they too talked by their wish..he doesn’t force or anythng else to talk to a girl…………madhu,cheran were irritating,both r selfish

  10. Pls bigg boss immediately eliminate Madhu mitha from biggboss house…because she is tolk like idiot…or pls worning Madhu don’t tolk like this don’t lawder her voice…

    Vanita varathaku munne teriyilleya boys
    Girls Seh use pandranggenu oru Alle solli tan teriyunama….yosikame pesrangge pls remove Madhu from biggboss house.tq

  11. I want to ask with cheran sir…
    Yean ningge rendu pakkamum Matti Matti pesringge….Madhu pesrathu tappu…that’s y losliya is angry..but ningge nyayam irukere pakkam support pandre mathri teriyille….u also suddenly changed…don’t tolk losliya change u to suddenly changed..losliya ungge ponnu matrinu soningge ithe ungge ponne orutuvengge Inthe matri tappa pesna illena Hurt pannuna ningge cumma irupinggela…

  12. Please This Week With Immediate Effect Eliminate Madhumitha From BB3. She Is Creating Unwanted Scenario & Behaving To The Worst of All Because Of The Poison Ivy Vanitha. Bigg Boss You Are Being Very Unfair. When You Eliminate a Contestant You Cannot Make Them Come In As Reentry. This Is Cheating & Worst Of All That Blady Poisoines Vanitha Is Poking Fire & Creating Unnessary Problem

  13. Pl save madhumita take out vanitha mist dnagerous lady in the world she spliited a house into 2 in an hour most dangoureous none of the family must ahev a lady like her

  14. madhu is good person. Loosilya over acting girl.she is eleminated in BB. Lossloya is fake. Kavin all activities is drama.madhu good person but just emotionaly.she is very good women.

  15. My comment is the devil is vanitha she try to influence mathu .abirami . and try to attack mugen and now attack dahshan and she will attack one by one. Look like she so inecense.whoever listen to vanitha will colapse.4 boys and girl losalya fantastic persons. Only womens shut their mouth.

  16. Why Vanitha was brought in
    Vanitha is provoking all lady contestants.
    Kasturi also got provoked.

    House us not in order.

    Bigg Boss should think carefully.

    All guys are straight forward. Only Cheran looks different and at times he acts in a immatured way though he is a Director status.

    Loslia, sherin, are strobg contestants and matured.

    My first priority of elumunation is as follows.
    1. Madumitha
    2. Vanitha
    3. Kasturi
    4. Abirami

    But my feeli ng is that Abirami should be given another chance.

    Because she was provoked by Vanitha she got confused and gone haywire.

  17. I liked Madhu until last week. But she started quavelling with simple reason. So now I started to hate her. This week Abirami will go out.sure about it. But she also improved a lot.

  18. On what basis Madhu, is for Eliminate, because one of the Most Cheapest Character in KAVIN,, he did the nasty things, on how he is voluntarily safe, LOSLIYA is purely ACTING,, she is doing the role of JUNIOR Vanitha, better remove her and vanitha …

  19. Why only see who created scene, I think viewer r more stupid, this show is game player, I don’t like who think by acting good, will look, promoter want people who can keep this show to last 100 day, why they need to bring back cunning Vanitha back, think first.

  20. Vanitha is a troublemaker .
    Kavin also creating cliques.
    Sandy has very poor leadership qualities.
    All the young boys behaving very immature. Disappointed with Mugen joing Kavin and gang.

  21. Mugen is well behaved…he should win…he is still an Indian…tamizhan…eventhough he is Malaysian
    Hope everyone be fair n vote him
    Even Kamal not talking much with it because he is Malaysian

  22. Kavin has to be eliminated .he is using everyone to save himself. It is really irritating to see some one like with ugly qualities moving losliya should be eliminated…another arrogant contestant with ugly qualities

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