Bigg Boss 3 Tamil : Salaries Revealed, Cheran and Vanitha are the highest paid contestants

When it comes to the TRPs, the third season of Bigg Boss season 3 is a massive hit. The recent figure suggests that the viewership of the show is around 50 lakh or 5 million viewers in every episode. By the looks of it, the third season is a massive success as compared to the previous seasons.

For the first time, the theme of the season is not at all disappointing. In the Tamil version of Bigg Boss, there is a boys group that symbolizes fun, friendship, unity, heartbreaks and romance. In addition to this, the show also comprises several controversies right inside and outside the Bigg Boss house.

The season has seen shocking evictions, and there are some unanswered controversies which are increasing the TRPs of the show.

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The list of Salaries of the contestants on the 63rd episode of Bigg Boss Tamil:

The figure of the salaries comes from an anonymous source. In addition to this, the following list is also a culmination of confidential information concerning the wages that are paid to Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestants.

Vanitha Vijayakumar: This might be quite shocking to some of the viewers; however, Vanitha is the highest paid contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Currently, Vanitha earns around 220,000 per episode. On the other hand, it is also reported that Bigg Boss was paying Vanitha Rs 125,000 per episode before her re-entry.

Kasthuri: The reign of Kasthuri in the house was short-lived. However, she was paid around Rs 100,000 for each episode.

Cheran: He is the second-highest earner with a per-episode salary of Rs 90,000. Rumour suggests that Cheran had made an advance allowance deal of Rs 10,00,000 before signing the agreement with Bigg Boss.

How much do the other contestants earn per episode?

The reports suggest that Saravanan & Madhumita have been evicted from the house, but they were paid Rs 60,000 each episode. On the other hand, Tharshan, Kavin, Losliya, and Mugen receive an amount of Rs 35,000 each episode.

Sherin and Sandy receive a massive sum of around Rs 45,000 each episode.

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