Big Brother Season 23 Release Date, Cast, Auditions – Everything That You Need To Know

As the latest season of All-stars ended, CBS announced that it is bringing up big brother season 23 for the summer of 2021. 

We can see that there is undoubtedly a delay in its arrival because of the Covid pandemic- but it is assured that big brother season 23 will be out soon. The fans are eager to watch a cast of new and fresh guests who are waiting to play their best in the upcoming season to compete with others on the house. 

Here is everything you need to about its upcoming season : 

Premiere Date 

Big Brother’s seasons have been recently getting premiered on the last Wednesday of June, and thus, this year, it is anticipated to premiere on June 30, 2021. Please note that it is not the official date yet and just an expectation. Moreover, the show’s mantra has always been “expect the unexpected,” so you can make little guesses out of that. 

Big Brother Season 23 Release Date


There is no official announcement on the cast yet. However, this time, it is going to be more vast and diverse. Season 23 of Big brother shall have half of its black and indigenous people’s casts, as per CBS’s new policy. Moreover, the other exciting update to make you jump on your bed is that the show has Jesse Tannenbaum as its new casting director.  

How Can You be a Part of Season 23? 

The interested candidates can fill the online form for the auditions from their big brother casting website. The form got to live in mid-February, and the final decision regarding the selected candidates will be made by May. Please visit the official website to know the age and other criteria. 

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