Big Boss Telugu 4 First Week Elimination Results

Big Boss Telugu 4 is all set for the first-ever elimination in the house. The show which got started on 6th September 2020 has completed its first week and now elimination its time for one of the contestants to come out of the house.

As we know, seven contestants are in danger of elimination from the show – Abhijeet, Surya Kiran, Sujatha, Mehboob, Akhil, Divi, and Gangavva. Take a look below for a detailed analysis of the elimination process.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 First Elimination Results – Final Voting Results

Big Boss Telugu 4 First Week Elimination Results

Abhijit is the first one who was saved by Nagarjuna. Sujatha was the other one who is safe from elimination. The third was Gangava. Nagarjuna maintained the suspense that one of the remaining four will be eliminated tomorrow

  • Gangavva (safe)
  • Abhijeet (Safe)
  • Sujatha (Safe)
  • Surya Kiran(Eliminated)
  • Mehabob (safe)
  • Akhil (safe)
  • Divi (safe)

According to the stats, Divi, Abhijeet, Mehaboob, and Gangavva got enough votes to be safe, hence, the other three contestants – Surya Kiran, Akhil Sarthak, and Mehaboob are at the bottom and are at risk for elimination from the show.

Abhijeet was declared as safe from the nomination list. Then after according to Saturday’s episode Sujatha and Gangavva were also safe as announced by the host Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Big Boss Telugu 4 First Week Elimination Results

Now, the trouble is for the other three contestants from the list. We should now wait and watch who gets eliminated from the show. The elimination process will be done and the eliminated contestant will be declared on Sunday’s episode.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Audience Votes Share for the First Elimination (As of 13th September 2020)

  • Abhijeet – 27.5% votes
  • Gangavva – 41% votes
  • Sujatha – 7% votes
  • Akhil – 5% votes
  • Divi – 6.5% votes
  • Mehboob – 6.5% votes
  • Surya Kiran – 2.5% votes

Bigg Boss Telugu First Elimination Safe Contestants

  • Gangavva
  • Sujatha
  • Abhijeet

Big Boss Telugu 4 Captian:

Lasya becomes the first captain and Kattappa for the Big Boss house as she was appointed by the other house members. Later, Nagarjuna revealed that there is no ‘Kattappa’ for the house. However, by the end of the 8first week of Big Boss Telugu 4, Lasya becomes the captain for the house

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