Big Boss 4 Telugu Captaincy Task, Winner Week 4 September 30:

BigBoss Telugu Season 4 has begun in the first week of September and it’s been 4 weeks since it got started. It has been a fun first month and the show happened on an entertaining note. As we know already, Gangavva’s captaincy period has been ended and it has been announced for the fourth-week captain. Take a look below to know more details about the captaincy winners.

Big Boss 4 Telugu Captaincy Task

The fourth-week elimination is interesting and so as to choose the captaincy role. On the 29th September episode, Big Boss has announced an interesting task for becoming captain for the house of the fourth week. The contestants have to collect coins of different denominations and the person with the most value of amount will win the task. The task is designed interestingly that the coins will fall into the house at different intervals of time. Also, there’s been a controversy that Amma Rajashekar and Syed Sohail focused on stealing other’s coins.

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Big Boss 4 Telugu Captaincy Task Winner

The task happened throughout the day as contestants tried to hide their coins at safe hubs, and played cautiously to win the task. There’s been a slight twist in the task as the final shower of coins will have a power coin which will give more advantage to the person who gets it. Take a look below for contestants with the most number of coins:

  • Divi
  • Ariyana
  • Sohail
  • Amma Rajashekar
  • Harika
  • Swathi

So, the above contestants are having more number of coins after the task. We have to wait to see who will become the captain from the above list. Stay tuned for the next episode of the big boss to know about the captain. Several promos showcased that Sohail and Mehaboob are desperate to win the captaincy so the battle will be interesting to watch.

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