Big Bash League 2020-2021: A Look Back At The Past Season

Despite the numerous odds and challenges that the world–including the world of sports–had faced in the past several months of 2020, major sporting leagues across different sports and in various parts of the world are now starting to slowly come back, albeit with some changes and restrictions. This includes the Big Bash League, one of the biggest cricket T20 league in Australia. The BBL is back for its 2020-2021 season, and as early as now, updates and facts about the new tournament are available for you.

For sports bettors, this also means a new opportunity to bet and a new tournament to wager over. Regardless of your betting style–whether you wager for an individual game, players, or the entire tournament results–you need to find a good bookie that can offer you a good set of odds and lines. For that, you have to check on Big Bash betting sites reviews first.

While you are at that and as you wait for the upcoming season, here is a short look back on some of the top moments from the past season of the BBL.

The best moments of BBL 2020-2021

Sam Harper tumbles

Fans and spectators were put in shock and sudden worry in one game when Sam Harper of the Melbourne Renegades dashed and hit Hobart Hurricanes bowler Nathan Ellis, eventually tumbling over him. This happened in the January 21, 2020 game of the season. Harper was immediately removed from the field due to the concussion he took from the fall and was sent to the hospital right away. He became the first-ever player in the history of the BBL to be subbed off. He did not take any serious injuries, though, and was released in no time. 

Mitch Marsh makes history

Perth Scorchers captain Mitch Marsh made history in the Match 32 game of the season when his team faced off with the Brisbane Heat. Marsh won the toss for his team and proceeded to take the bat. Throughout the game, marsh made history and made records by having a new T20 cricket record as well as his new personal best of 93 not-out from 41 balls played. This historic play benefitted not only marsh himself as well as his entire team as they ended having a huge lead against the Heat.

It was just a scratch

This happened when the Strikers and the Renegades went against each other in a match at the Marvel Stadium. Back then, umpire Greg Davidson looked like he was about to raise his finger and was about to call an LBW on Melbourne’s Beau Webster. However, Davidson just ended up scratching his nose! Davison clarified that there was never any intention from him to make any call, and he was just about to make a simple nose scratch. However, Adelaide spinner Rashid Kahn was seen to make a premature celebratory reaction to what he also believed to be a call, with it ending up in vain.

A lot of fans believed it and dismissed it as just a simple misunderstanding, while others are still believing that Davidson really intended to make the call but changed his mind halfway.

Marcus Stoinis sets a new record

Stoinis made this new record in the match between the Melbourne Stars match and the Sydney Sixers at the MCG on January 12, 2020. In this game, Stoinis hit his very first T20 century. Aside from that, he made a record score in the history of the BBL by making 147 runs off 78 balls, breaking the previous record by Hurricane D’Arcy Short, which was only 122.

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