Better Call Saul Season 5: Release date, Plot and Everything else

AMC’s Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul is as good as Breaking Bad, some people would agree and others won’t. However, Better Call Saul still need to embark on the journey of a struggling lawyer Jimmy McGill who would become Saul Goodman, the savior of the anti-heroes.

Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan, the showrunners of Better Call Saul need to put essential effort to work on the prospects of the story. Both Gillian and Gould are working closely on the script of the series before the filming begins. The avid viewers of Better Call Saul are going to have to wait for the fifth season of the TV-Series.

The release date and plot of Better Call Saul Season 5


The viewer might have to wait for an extra year to watch the fifth season of the show. However, the viewers will not be happy if the show declines its standard. However, waiting for an extra year is a little too much to bear. According to AMC, the fifth season of Better Call Saul will release in the year 2020.

Throughout the four seasons, the viewers saw that a good and mediocre lawyer with utter moral ethics is on the path of deconstructing himself. Jimmy McGill, at the beginning of the series, cares for the people given that he is paid less. However, as the story progresses, McGill turns to several questionable clients, and thus the journey to becoming Saul Goodman has begun.

What is to come to Better Call Saul?

Bob Odenkirk is going to reprise the groundbreaking role of Saul Goodman in the series. By the end of the fourth season points out that Jimmy might become Saul Goodman after all.

Nevertheless, everything as of now depends on Vince Gilligan and the co-creator Peter Gould. Alongside, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito are also going to make their return for the fifth season. On the other hand, Tony Dalton might even be back with the role of Lalo Salamance as the series regular cast.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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