Best Cities In India to Pursue Data Science

Career experts often hail data science as the ‘hottest job of the future.’ The world is still learning the implications of data science, and hence the field is growing at a fast pace. For professionals who are dreaming of a prosperous career, data science provides plenty of options.

And professionals can learn data science skills without any hassles thanks to the flexible learning modes and easy availability of training institutes. Now that we are talking about big data training institutes, it is natural to ask, where are the best data science training institutes in India? Bengaluru automatically comes into everybody’s mind as it is the IT hub of India and houses high-standard data science institutes like INSOFE Bengaluru.

Best Cities In India to Pursue Data Science

But what are the other ideal cities to learn data science in India? We find out the best cities for learning data science in India in this article.

  1. Bengaluru:

No surprises that Bengaluru tops the list of ‘Best cities in India for pursuing data science.’ Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, houses the headquarters of the biggest tech firms in India. It is also the preferred home for several start-ups and mid-level organizations.

The pleasant weather, easy access to all amenities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure have attracted skilled professionals to the city, and today it has emerged as India’s tech home. The massive number of professionals in the city are frequently looking to upskill themselves. Hence, the city is full of institutes and training academies that train professionals in industry-oriented skills. Bengaluru houses India’s premier training institutes for all prominent skills like data science and data analytics.

You can pursue your dream of having a career in data science effortlessly if you are in Bengaluru. There are several big data training institutes in the city like INSOFE. The institute’s PGP in data science is a one-of-its-kind certificate course. Its credits are considered first-semester course work across ten collaborative programs in 3 continents and four countries.

These institutes have flexible learning modes like online and offline and suitable batch timings. So you can enroll in any data analytics course of your choice and get the required skills. Bengaluru provides ample job opportunities for data science professionals. From tech giants to start-ups, Bengaluru has companies of all sizes. Hence, as a data scientist, there is no cap for your professional growth in this city.

  1. Mumbai:

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is also a blossoming hub of tech companies. The city’s infrastructure makes it an ideal choice for tech organizations to set up their headquarters. Hence, Mumbai offers lucrative career options to all professionals including, data scientists. So, if you plan for a career in big data or data analytics, Mumbai is your ‘city of dreams,’ as the famous cliche says. Sensing the prominent presence of data science aspirants in the city, several data science training institutes have blossomed in Mumbai recently. There is a wide array of data science institutes in Mumbai like Aegis School of Data Science, Imarticus Learning, and Techdata solutions.

  1. Hyderabad:

Hyderabad has been a seat of power in South India since historic times. And the city continues to hold its aura in the present times, thanks to IT and tech companies’ presence. The city is also a famous learning center for skills such as data science and machine learning. Here you will find

several training centers providing courses and certification programs in big data and data analytics. Premier big data institutes like INSOFE have their learning centers in Hyderabad too. So you can easily equip yourself with all the necessary skills and experience your dream career in data science while enjoying the mystic aura of this historic city.


The beautiful coastal city in India, Chennai, offers plenty of career opportunities for data scientists. The city is a hub of tech, e-commerce, and manufacturing companies. Hence there are a plethora of job opportunities for professionals with various skill sets. Similarly, the city boasts plenty of high-quality learning centers that upskill professionals and train them in industry-oriented skills. You will find several data analytics and big data training institutes in the city that offer customized courses based on your professional requirements.

  1. Delhi NCR:

Delhi is India’s seat of power and also the business hub of Northern India. The city’s seamless connectivity with other parts and the pleasant climate have made it ideal for IT, tech, and e-commerce companies to set up their headquarters or regional offices in recent times.

And for a long time, the city is famous for its educational centers. With time, these education centers have evolved to accommodate courses and programs that cater to today’s digital world. Hence, you will come across many reliable and high-quality training institutes in Delhi, NCR. The city has a wide array of training institutes for learning data science like Analytic Square, Madrid software training solutions, and IMS Preschool.

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