Beastars Season 2: Release Date, Episodes & Manga vs Anime

Beastars is a Japanese manga series created by Paru itagaki where the anime adaptation was released on Netflix in March 2020. For fans who loved the famous animated movie ‘Zootopia’, this hit series would definitely top the list of favorite animes as the show circles around two furry dynamic duos.

The first season of Beastars features the quiet and yet fearful big bad wolf, Legoshi, and an adorable dwarf rabbit, Haru. The most part of the story revolves around the pair where the bad starts to take a liking for the innocent.

Events take place in Cherryton Academy where herbivorous and carnivorous students attend classes together. However, things take a turn for the worse when Tem, an alpaca, gets murdered and devoured which rises tension across the different breeds of animals.

Beastars Season 2: Release Date, Episodes & Manga vs Anime

Beastars Season 2 Release date

For fans who have been waiting for months since the last episode of Beastars, good news comes in the form that the second season has already completed production. In fact, season 2 of Beastars has already been released in Japan where it ran for a span of three months from January 2021 to March 2021.

Whereas for fans all around the world, there is still some waiting required before getting to watch the new season. Netflix didn’t include Beastars season 2 in the May series listing for returning shows, however, fans can expect the show to be released somewhere in July 2021.

Beastars Season 2 Episodes

The first season of Beastars had 12 episodes in total with each having airtime of 23 minutes. So fans could also expect a similar trend with season 2 having 12 episodes in total.

Beastars Manga vs Anime

As of recent, Beastar Manga currently has 196 chapters released. While the first season of Beastars had 12 episodes, it was said that each episode featured around 4 chapters from the anime. That would put the first season around 50 chapters. Fans would have to wait for the second season of Beastars to see how much the anime runs parallel to the manga.


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