BBNaija 2019 Season 4: Five Members in Danger Zone

The fourth season of Big Brother Naija 2019 former name was Big Brother Nigeria has crossed its 67th day recently and it is as fresh as it has always been. After the last episode, Khafi, Elozonam, Frodd, Omashola and Venita, are up for eviction. Khafi was always escaping from getting nominated for eviction until now. This time, Seyi pulled her into the list by using his veto power to save himself from the nominated list.

This action of Seyi was readily questioned by Biggie and Seyi admitted he wanted to how will fate work for Khafi as she had only been nominated for elimination two times before. Seyi had already got three nominations in his pocket. He took Biggie’s advice seriously as he has already been punished for misusing his veto power of chance badge in July.

BBNaija 2019 Season 4: Five Members in Danger Zone


Other nominees were selected by the inmates themselves. It is the first time in the last three weeks this nomination method is used. For the last three weeks, the contestants were split into rival groups. First, Icons and Cruisetopia and then, Enigma and Legends. Then they were urged to take part in different competitions from which the losing team will be put into the possible list for eviction. As of now, the number of inmates is shrinking making Biggie choose the older method of eviction. The nomination process was on Monday.

  • Cindy nominated Diane and Seyi
  • Diane nominated Omashola and Venita
  • Elozonam nominated Seyi and Mike
  • Frodd nominated Omashola and Elozonam
  • Ike nominated Venita and Khafi
  • Venita nominated Frodd and Khafi
  • Mercy nominated Omashola and Venita
  • Mike nominated Frodd and Seyi
  • Omashola nominated Elozonam and Diane
  • Seyi nominated Mercy and Frodd
  • Tacha nominated Mercy and Frodd

Now five housemates are in the danger zone and could be eliminated. The person who gets the least number of votes will be eliminated from the show.


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