Bakrid Tamil Movie Review And Rating | Vikranth, Vasundhara | Jagadeesan Subu

Bakrid Movie Review

Only a specific section of the Tamil audience will be rooting for a film like this. If you are one of them, then happy for you, Bakrid has finally hit the film screens and is all set to impress the audience with its story.

Bakrid stars actors such as Vikranth, Vasundhara Kashyap and Rohit Pathak in lead roles. Along with these actors, the camel named Sarah is also a huge part of the movie. In fact, the camel is the protagonist of the movie.

Name Of The MovieBakrid
Star CastVikranth, Vasundhara, Rohit Pathak
Movie GenreDrama
DirectorJagadeesan Subu
Music DirectorD. Imman
DOPJagadeesan Subu
Production CompanyM 10 Productions
Movie Runtime2 hrs 01 mins
Censor CategoryU
Releasing on23 Aug, 2019

Written and directed by Jagadeesan Subu, Bakrid is a story of ‘A young farmer, who starts rearing a camel, gets to know that the animal deserves to live in a desert for its well-being. He sets out to Rajasthan for the same, but goes through a lot of hardships.’

Jagadeesan Subu is not only the writer and director of the film, but he is also the screenplay writer and the cinematographer. He took care of a lot of crafts personally. Music director, D. Imman has given the tunes for the film. Anthony L. Ruben is the editor.

Shot in Chennai, Goa, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, Bakrid will be a journey of its kind. The film is produced by M.S. Murugaraj Mallaika under the banner M10 Productions. Bakrid is India’s First Camel Based Movie

The teaser of the movie received massive love from the Tamil audience. It got over 1.4 million views with over 33k likes. As of now, the teaser is not available on YouTube due to copy strike of Star India, the video is taken down.

Bakrid Movie Review

Let me start off by saying, what a brilliant and beautiful movie it was. Can’t remember the last time I watched a movie this dramatic, beautiful and blissful. Bakrid is a beautiful ride with the characters.

Vikranth has given his career-best performance. His acting was spotless. His two months of training with camel has certainly helped. And the camel, even the camel acts in the film. Yes, I’m not kidding. Sarah The Camel is the hero of the film.

One can’t talk about Bakrid without talking about D. Imman’s music. His tunes are blissful to listen. They perfectly lift the mood of the film to a whole new level. Imman is one of the biggest assets of the movie.

And we all have to thank Jagadeesan Subu for his brilliant story-telling. Not only his story, but even his visuals are also amazing. What an eye feast it was.

If you are an animal lover or a film lover for that matter, then don’t care to miss this film on a big screen. It’s a must-watch.

Rating: 4.5/5

In case you didn’t check out the Trailer of the movie, you can watch it here:

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