Avoiding Scams When Selling CS: GO Skins

Sure, people will say selling CS: GO skins online is quick and easy. Ask yourself, will you hear the same people say it is safe? Of course not, why? First of all, selling CSGO skins is no different than selling footwear, electronics, home goods, and floor cleaners online. Online selling is in general, risky, regardless of what anyone says.

Avoiding Scams When Selling CS: GO Skins 

CS: GO Skin Scams

The first CS: GO market established online was followed by scams. CSGO skin scams are so obvious as is Michael Jordan Air Jordan Shoe by Nike scams. Both are hot commodities, some with high price tags. Of course, scam artists are going to target both.

Realizing there are fraudsters and dishonest people running online CSGO skin scams is imperative for your investment. Consumers work hard for their money. If they want to invest it in CSGO skins, by all means, they can do just that but not without risks.

Safely Sell CS: GO Skins Online – Red Flags

The first step is learning the red flats that point to a scam. A red flag could be something as simple as an offer significantly higher than usual. Used CS: GO skins are generally about half of the original price. The price will depend on the condition and the rarity of the design.

Common skins are a dime-a-dozen on various marketplaces so they are going to fetch much less than rare skins. For example, new Crimson Kimono Specialist Gloves cost around $10,000. Since this is a rare skin, it is highly unlikely, it will end back up on the skinomat.eu marketplace any time soon. When it does, the condition will probably be poor unless the seller has his eye on another rare skin.

Selling CSGO Skins Red Flags

  • Suspicious Offers – Sellers generally have an idea of how much their used CSGO skins are worth. Be on the lookout for unusually high offers. As the old saying goes, “If It’s too good to be true, it probably is not true.” A high offer may be tempting but it comes with risks.
  • Low Reputation Score – Buyers, sellers, and traders are oftentimes rated by other consumers. The reputation score is a vital piece of information. Avoid any buyer with a low reputation score because they may have a history of scamming sellers.
  • Off Marketplace Offers – Scammers will try to lure CSGO sellers to conduct acquisitions off the marketplace. The enticement may be fee avoidance. Most CSGO marketplaces offer some level of protection for their members. Conducting business off the marketplace puts the seller at great risk of getting caught up in a scam.
  • Pressuring To Close The Deal – If a consumer tries to pressure you into closing the deal quickly, there is a good chance it is a scam. There is absolutely no reason to rush sales. In fact, it is more beneficial to give it some consideration because a better offer may come along fairly quickly.


Selling CS: GO skins is a great way to make some of your money back from a big purchase. It is also a great way to make money for another big purchase.

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