Attack on Titan Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Air Date and Everything Else

Attack on Titan is a very popular series for the manga fans around the world. In the second part of the third season, the fans got to learn about the origin of Titans and why were they created in the first place.

The fourth season is going to answer some of the questions which are longing in the minds of the anime fans for the last year.

Release Date of Attack on Titan

After the first and the second part of Attack on Titan release, the makers confirmed that the fourth season is going to be the last one. The fourth season is set for the release in Fall 2020; however, the exact date of the show is yet to be determined.

The fans are also expecting that Attack on Titan’s fourth season will be split into two parts just like the third season. On the other hand, Hajime Isayama had already confirmed that the anime will reach a conclusion in a couple of years. The tough piece of news of the fans is that their favorite anime of recent times will end very soon. In addition to this, the maker has also revealed that the timing of mange, as well as anime, will see to the fact that the franchise comes to a conclusion seamlessly.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Air Date and Everything Else

Trailer and Preview of Attack on Titan Season 4

It is predicted that the final season is going to finally end the on-going conflict between the Marley and Eldians. The official storyline of the anime is yet to be released.

A very short announcement of the fourth season has recently been dropped. In a few months, the fans will get to know about the entirety of what is to happen in Attack on Titan Season 4.

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