Arjun Suravaram Full Movie Download Leaked on Tamilrockers | Will the film survive the leak?

The 2019 Telugu-language thriller and action film which has been directed and written by T.N. Santhosh has released on November 29, 2019. The filmmaker has tried to create a character, Arjun Lenin Suravaram who is similar to James Bond and Jason Borne. However, the film was not liked by the critics as a simpleton isn’t trained for the odds that come from larger-than-life things.

The fans, on the other hand, liked the action sequence in the film; however, if the lead character portrayed by one of the finest actors in the Telugu film industry Nikhil Siddhartha had a few more dialogues and emotion then the film would have been a perfect entertainer.

Arjun Suravaram

Nevertheless, the film has a strong premise where the lead actor does everything in his might to clear his name when he is dragged into a scam. The film showcases how massive a forgery racket can destroy a person’s image and career for a foreseeable future. With a strong premise and cast, the film was leaked by Tamilrockers, one of the reputed pirated websites in India.

Tamilrockers leaked Arjun Suravaram

The film features Lavanya Tripathi as the female lead and love interest of Nikhil Siddhartha’s character. In addition to this, Sam C.S. helms the role of the composer of the film whereas Kaviya Venugopal and Akella Rajkumar are the producers of the film.

Given that the film has leaked by Tamilrockers, the makers of Arjun Suravaram and the actors seem hopeful that the fans will head to theaters to watch the film rather than watching it from a pirated website.

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