Are We Living in the Golden Age of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is responsible for the rise of the gaming sector and its expanded demographics of new users. Before the increased usage of mobile devices, any hard-core gamer would need to invest in proper gaming gear and equipment, but with the rise of mobile games and mobile devices in general, gaming has become accessible to everyone from the casual user to non-gamers that simply want to play mobile games in their free time.

So, it’s safe to say that we are living in the golden age of mobile gaming since its net worth has surpassed, and it accounts for over 50% of the entire gaming revenue. Below we will explore the main factors that have driven the growth of this sector.


First things first, the main reason mobile gaming achieved substantial success was the increased usage of mobile devices coupled with their enhanced performance and features. We must admit that we spend a large chunk of our free time on our smartphones, and this has propelled the rise of mobile games. Regardless of your preferences, it’s much more convenient and easier to pull out your smartphone and play any game of your choice than it is to

Also, many developers saw the opportunity to create hyper-casual and user-friendly mobile games that can also be played offline. This trend also has businesses, including online gambling platforms, decided to adapt to the new situation and create mobile-optimized casino sites. In other words, even if you’re interested in games of chance, you can find a great number of safe Canadian online casinos that are mobile-friendly and accessible via your smartphone’s browser.

Increasing Number of Games

The next factor is the seemingly boundless selection of games. Since mobile games are technically easier to produce, their new titles are being made available every single day. As a result, there are many sub-categories and categories for gamers to choose from, including everything from casual games, which are typically puzzles, and interactive novels, to a racing game, action games, and even mobile versions of popular video games. Some examples are Minecraft, the Sims, Call of Duty, and many other popular games with mobile titles.

Free Mobile Games

As we said, mobile gaming can reach a great demographic of mobile users because almost 8 billion people on their own planet have smartphones, and that’s not the case with laptops and computers that are technically more expensive.

But, on top of that, mobile gaming is so generally considered free because most mobile games are available free of charge, and you won’t be required to pay to play the game. Although there are some games with in-app purchases, you will still be able to enjoy a large portion of the game for free. That said, there are premium paid games that are based around the average price of $0.80, and that is a considerably lower price point than any video game console title.

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