Aranyak Release Date – A Netflix Treat, Crew and Cast, Premise and Outline

Aranyak, a 2021 Netflix original, which is soon to be released, is a rip-roaring action-packed thriller that will leave you yearning for more. As if making it an action thriller wasn’t enough, Aranyak is a conundrum with just the apt kick of suspense filled with whodunnit suspense supernatural drama. Yes, what more can a spectator ask for to get his adrenaline rushing at the highest speed.

Aranyak was among the Netflix releases to be made in 2021, as per the list released by them a few weeks ago.

Crew and Cast:

The very beautiful and a top favorite of her generation, Raveena Tandon, is all set to make her debut on the OTT platform with Aranyak. So fans must be captivated right now. They anticipate a mind-boggling drama series that features Raveena Tandon, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Ashutosh Rana, Meghna Malik, and Zakir Hussain in lead roles.

The series shall be released under the banner of Roy Kapur Films, and Ramesh Sippy Entertainment whilst Vinay Waikul shall direct it.


Premise and Outline:

The whole story is premised around Himachal, the mountains bringing along with them, serene-filled suspense forming an intriguing aura, which is the essence of this series. It shows the story of Kasturi, a female police officer who works her heels off to strike a balance between her personal and professional life.

She is a diligent country police officer and is partnered with an urban lad, Angad. The story unfolds with the investigation of the dug-up skeletons leading to a long-forgotten Himalayan myth about a blood-quenching and wanted serial murderer in the forest.

Kasturi is inquisitive as she finds out something shocking and surprising, and that’s where we can assume theories and build plot expectations since this is all available.

Release and Marketing:

The creators did a great job on the marketing front, even if they didn’t do much regarding it. The official poster for Aranyak was released on March 14, 2021. The poster already had the viewer’s attention.

The trailer, anyway, hasn’t been out yet and is expected to release soon. It is being said that it will release 2-3 weeks before the premiere of the series, which still is months away, probably around the end of summer 2021

Anything that we can draw from the little available details is that Aranyak will be a long stride on the front of women empowerment and equality via the media of an enthralling series.


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