Apple iPhone Launch Live: Check Out When And Where To Watch The Apple Event

Today Apple is officially going to tell us about the new upcoming iPhones. The event has been organized on a global stage so everyone all over the world can watch the event and get to know about the new iPhones LIVE. But, this not that much amusing because of the rumors, detail leaks of every upcoming model and through cases we can already expect what things Apple is going to give us in the future in its upcoming iPhone models.

But the Apple event is worth watching because today we are going to now the legit and official features and most importantly the prices of the upcoming launches. So, now you might be wanting to that how to watch the Apple event LIVE. We have mentioned all the steps below, follow them to watch the Apple event LIVE.

Apple iPhone Event 2019

How to watch the live stream of the Apple event organizing today?

In the previous times of Apple events, they only gave the link of streaming LIVE on the Safari Browser or the Microsoft Edge browser, so you could only watch the Apple event LIVE streams on those two browsers. But, this time Apple is showcasing its event’s LIVE stream on YouTube which could be seen by everyone worldwide for the first time ever.

The LIVE stream will be showcased on 10:30 PM IST, 10 September 2019 for the people of India, so stay tuned!!

If you are from some other country then you can check your country timings for the Apple event here.

Another way is, last time in the special event of Apple, they posted a tweet on their twitter account and told to like the tweeter post to get reminders of the special event through twitter. This time too a tweet has been tweeted by Apple’s official Twitter account, you can find the tweet pinned on the top of their official Twitter account. You can like the tweet if you want to get reminders of the Apple event.

Here’s The Tweet:

You can watch the event live on YouTube. Check out the below video. The event will start at 22:30 IST.


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