AP e-Challan Online Payment – How To Pay Your Challan At apechallan.org Website or AP e-Challan App

What is the e-Challan of AP?

To modernize the Challan system of traffic rule violation, the Andhra Pradesh government has taken the initiative to make the process easy. Now, challan can be paid through online portals in Andhra Pradesh. The fine will be issued online by the traffic police officer, and you can pay it on the website apechallan.org or through the app AP e-Challan.

AP e-Challan

The Andhra Pradesh public can now pay challan for violating a traffic rule. As known, everyone has to pay fees as fines for violating a traffic rule. This means not obeying the prohibition regarding the traffic rule. As we all know, everyone has to pay a fine for violating traffic rules, which means not obeying the Vehicles Act of 1988. Each time you violate the rules, you have to pay challan. The different violation has different charges. Now, the same thing has come online. You can pay your challan online.


Charges that include violation rules are like.

  1. I am not using a helmet while riding.
  2. Triple riding.
  3. I was not using a seat belt while driving.
  4. Parking in the prohibited place.
  5. Not the presence of a driving license.
  6. Missing documents of vehicles.

How You Can Pay e-Challan

AP government has two platforms to pay the e-Challan. One is through the website, and another is through the app.

Pay Through the Official AP e-Challan Website

  1. First, visit the official website, i.e., apechallan.org
  2. Once you are on the homepage of the AP e-Challan website, you can see an ‘online payment’ option. Click on it.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter the vehicle’s registration number.
  4. Fill in the registration number of the vehicle.
  5. After filling in the registration number, fill in the captcha. Next, click on the submit button you see below.
  6. Next, you can see all the e-Challans made on that vehicle. You can see the dew payment if you have it.
  7. If you have a dew payment, you will get an option to pay online.
  8. AP e-Challan also gives you the facility to check the e-Challan on the name of any applicant.

Pay Through AP e-Challan App.

AP e-Challan App is available for both Android and Apple users. If you are an Android user, then go to Google Play Store. Search for AP e-Challan. You can download the app. iPhone users also can download the application through the App Store.

After you install the app, open the app and see similar options as mentioned earlier for the official website. Follow the procedure to complete your payment and to check the status.

e-Challan Payment Status And More

If you are from Andhra Pradesh and Willing to pay e-Challan, you must know the information below.

  1. The challan which has been issued, you need to pay it within a given period. In case of a delay, you may have to pay extra charges for it.
  2. If you have already paid a challan through the online Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police online portal, you can soon check the success or failure status.
  3. To check the payment status, keep your eyes on your profile of e-Challan.
  4. Always open your e-Challan portal and start a query with your name if there is any Dew challan.
  5. There is only traffic police on a crossing for looking public violating traffic rules. So, the traffic police officer will issue a challan with your vehicle number. So keep tracking your e-Challan profile for at least 15 days.

Advantages Of e-Challan for Andhra Pradesh

  1. Earlier, the traffic challan process was through paperwork. In this, you need time. But online, it’s simple and easier.
  2. It’s transparent for the public and government. Sometimes, if you pay a challan, you feel insecure about your money, whether it reaches the government or not. But is this all the process is transparent to all?
  3. E-Challan saves the workforce. Traffic police can’t take care of a busy terminal if there is a need to Stop the vehicle or issue a challan accepting payments. Likewise, there is a five crore public in Andhra Pradesh. Now, we can imagine the number of traffic police required for the process.

So, it’s a very good initiative for the Andhra Pradesh government. We all should be more aware of traffic rules and should obey them because the rule is to save our lives. I hope all the states of India will adopt this digital technique soon.

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