Another Life Season 2 Release Date updates: Has it been renewed?

“Another Life” is one of the sought-after shows on Netflix in the Sci-fi genre. The ten episodes long show was originally released in 2019 and was appreciated by the audience though the critics were not very pleased with the storyline.

But considering the popularity of the show among sci-fi fans, the show was renewed in the October of 2019. So considering the anticipation of the fans for Season 2, we are here with all the details:

Another Life” Season 2 Release Date:

The renewal of Another Life was announced by the lead star of the show Katee Sackhoff with a tweet in October 2019. But before the filming could have started, covid hovered, and the shooting was suspended.

Later in the August of 2020, the shooting resumed, and by December of 2020, production was wrapped up, as announced by Sackhoff again. Soon with this announcement, speculations began to take round. But contrary to the belief that the show might hit the screens by early 2021, the show would be coming up by August-September 2021, as indicated by the IMDB page.

Another Life Season 2

What To expect from “Another Life” Season 2:

In Season 1, we saw a UFO landing onto Earth and growing a crystalline tower above it. Then we saw Niko Breckinridge, wife of Erik Wallace, who was appointed to communicate with the alien structure, establishing the first contact with the species who sent it.

Now, season 2, which is supposed to have ten episodes, has released the titles, with “Live to Fight Another” being the first one. So in Season 2, we may get to see Salvare’s crew racing back to earth to warn humanity about its approaching doom.

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