Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date Revealed! Watch the official trailer

With the renewal of Animal Kingdom Season 5, there were many buzzes on social media, and the fans were constantly passing speculations about its release date and plot. So, finally, after a long wait, TNT revealed the premiere date of the upcoming blockbuster Animal Kingdom Season 5. Check out all details here.

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Animal Kingdom is one of the best drama series streamed on the TNT network. The fans were pretty upset at the climax of the fourth season; the show’s renewal was looking next to impossible after losing the family leaders. But, with the surprise renewal of the show in 2019, TNT has made its intentions clear. There are many more thrilling episodes yet to be explored by the fans. Right from its renewal for season 5, the hype touched new heights among the fans, and they were eagerly waiting to know the release date. Finally, the TNT network dropped an official trailer of the Animal Kingdom Season 5 to reveal its premiere date.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date Revealed

As per the latest updates, Animal Kingdom Season 5 will premiere exclusively on the TNT network on Sunday, July 11, 2021. The exact number of episodes is not yet unveiled, but we can expect at least 12 episodes from the upcoming season.

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Plot

The trailer has passed a glimpse of the storyline of the upcoming season. Season 5 will follow Cody Family, which highly indulges in underworld activities. The family will return after the death of Smurf, and it will be a thrilling fight to grab the throne of power. Season 5 will unfold many truths, and the Codys will explore more about life after death.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Trailer

The trailer is jaw-dropping. The use of VFX and cinematography is worth praise. It passes a vibe of thrill, action, and suspense. You can also check out the fantastic trailer below.


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