Angelina Jolie’s Close Relationship With Jacqueline Bisset Explained

Angelina Jolie's Close Relationship With Jacqueline Bisset Explained

Jacqueline Bisset and Angelina Jolie may have (almost) appeared together in a film as adults, but Bisset actually knew Jolie much earlier than that. In fact, she knew Jolie before the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” star was even born. That’s because the older actor had worked with the younger celeb’s father, Jon Voight, in “The End of the Game” back in the ’70s. That’s how Bisset met and formed a bond with someone else – Jolie’s now-late mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

“I met her around 1971 when I was making a movie with director Maximilian Schell and Jon Voight, who [Bertrand] was married to at the time,” Bisset explained while talking to People. Saying that they “became friends,” the star added, “She asked me to be [Jolie’s] godmother when Angie was in the tummy.”

Although Bisset and Bertrand were obviously close enough for the latter to make such a significant request, Bisset and Jolie apparently haven’t had the same kind of bond over the years.


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