American Gods Season 4 Cancelled by Starz

The title has given the upsetting news already, and yes, you read it right, American Gods has finished the trip with three of its seasons. There would not be any next season; that is the fourth one. Deadline reported that Starz had ended the show American Gods, a story based on the novel by Neil Gaiman of the same name, and it will not come with its fourth season.

One of the Starz spokespersons stated that “American Gods will not return for a fourth season. Everyone at STARZ is grateful to the dedicated cast and crew, and our partners at Fremantle who brought author and executive producer Neil Gaiman’s ever-relevant story to life that speaks to the cultural climate of our country.”

American Gods Season 4 Cancelled by Starz


The reason given for its discontinuance is that it has low membership and does not have many viewers. So, the show staying underrated is one of the main reasons for not coming with the following season. As per the sources, its viewers declined at a great rate after season 1.

What does the Actor Ricky Whittle Say?

Actor Ricky Whittle, who played the role of Shadow Moon in the series, shared a picture of his character with the caption “Gods don’t die unless they’re forgotten” in response to the news.

He also said, “This has been a fantastic journey thus far, and I am so grateful to my fellow cast and crew who have worked so hard on this award-winning show.
We have the best fans around the world,” and also mentioned, “Neil Gaiman, Fremantle, myself, and the cast are still committed to completing Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed story.”

We know that this cancellation news has upset you a lot, and it is legit. Gaiman also mentioned in one of his recent interviews how upset he is. He said, “If we don’t get a season 4, we have ended on the single most frustrating, upsetting, and maddening place that any season could end.”

However, you can wish and pray for the next season. Remember, miracles keep happening.

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