Amazon Attacks Flipkart with MiniTV

Flipkart made waves a couple of years ago by introducing Flipkart Video, a service that brings shopping and entertainment together in a single, handy app. The service doesn’t simply add shopping videos to the users’ experience – although it does have many video reviews and such about products available through the app – but also pushes into the realm of short-form entertainment with original content delivered by popular creators.

Now, online retail giant Amazon is also attacking the video commerce market with its own take on the matter: Amazon MiniTV is a service that provides users with tons of fresh content, along with a couple of Airtel subscriptions.

Amazon Attacks Flipkart with MiniTV

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On-demand video streaming and smartphones are a match made in heaven – and so is shopping on the go. Shoppers have used smartphones as their primary means of researching and buying products for years. Now, in turn, video commerce brings these two together, adding some original content to the mix, to create a synergy that’s proving to be insanely popular among shoppers.


For now, Amazon MiniTV is a service that’s only available in India. It has an impressive collection of original shows and material provided by popular content creators, including technology expert Trakin Tech, and beauty experts Sejal Kumar and Jovita George, among others. These content creators will inform buyers about the latest trends and news in their respective areas through exclusive videos published through the MiniTV service.

Right now, most of the content available through the service is older, but new content is on the way – this much was confirmed by the announcement made by the company, without further details about the timeline or the plans for the future.

Amazon’s MiniTV is currently only available through the company’s Android app, with its iOS counterpart getting the update soon. Amazon also prepares a mobile web-based interface for the service, making it accessible to an even larger number of users.

In-app video streaming is gaining traction quickly in the area – aside from the above-mentioned Flipkart Video, other services like Zamato and Paytm are also offering similar services in their respective apps.

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