Aman Bhutani becomes the new CEO of GoDaddy

Reportedly, GoDaddy appoints a new CEO for the organization. Aman Bhutani is the new CEO of GoDaddy globally. Before helming the role of CEO of GoDaddy, Bhutani was the countrywide president of Expedia. By the looks of it, Scott Wagner is stepping down from being the CEO of GoDaddy due to serious health issues.

Aman has had a remarkable career when it comes to academics. Bhutani has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, and he graduated from a notable university in the country, Delhi University. The sources suggest that Bhutani will take over the company from the 4th of September 2019.

A major leap in Aman Bhutani’s professional career

The experts are suggesting that Bhutani is going to join the ranks of the Indians who are leading significant multinational firms in the country. According to sources, Bhutani will take over the role of the CEO of GoDaddy from the 4th of September, 2019.

Wagner, the present-day CEO of GoDaddy, said that he, as well as the board of directors, went to a lot of people to land upon choosing Bhutani as his Successor. Wagner noted that Bhutani is a remarkable leader and has a solid track record while he was working for Expedia.

aman bhutani

Bhutani will be the perfect leader of GoDaddy

Chuck Robel states that Bhutani has extensive knowledge of the industry as well as experience in engineering and production teams. As of now, Chuck Robel is one of the distinctive Board of Directors of GoDaddy.

While being the president of Expedia, Bhutani looked after the subsidiary brands such as Orbitz and Travelocity. Bhutani was also the Senior VP and CTO of Engineering in the company. After associating himself with GoDaddy, Bhutani will focus on improving and innovating the customer base of the company by devoting his expertise. Bhutani is looking forward to working with GoDaddy and explore the significant opportunities that lie ahead of the company.

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