All The Latest Updates On Jo From Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

As we prepare to dive further in Grey’s Anatomy season 18, rest assured good things are coming for people across the board! Meredith must make big decisions in Minnesota, Owen will face the pain of his past, and for Jo, she’s shifting more towards her new specialty. We see her in OB getting the chance to give birth to babies and do something different – and more joyful, too. Being a doctor can be a tough experience at times, as you are surrounded by many dead. Though there are battles in every department, Jo has a chance to bring some light into the world.

All The Latest Updates On Jo From Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

So who’s going to help Jo get better in this area? From now on it feels like Carina is the natural mentor figure, and she can bounce back and forth between this show and station 19, where she is technically a series regular. Since Addison (Kate Walsh) is also familiar with the specialty, that could also be an interesting possibility… but it’s not where things are at the moment.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about who her character is currently working with, here’s what Camilla Luddington had to say:

Right now it’s really Carina. I don’t know what the writers plan to do in the future. There are still so many episodes to go that we haven’t read yet, so from now on it’s what you see, and that’s Carina.

Hopefully we see Jo interacting with a lot different characters ahead. For now, we’re happy she’s getting the chance to become a mother, just as we’re just as happy that she’s found a perfect career path for herself. It’s also nice that she’s getting a break from romantic arcs, since the story with Jackson never really went anywhere last season.

Where do you want to see Jo move? Grey’s Anatomy season 18?

Be sure to share it in the comments now! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned – more updates are coming and we don’t want you to miss them.


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