All Rise Episode 9 ‘In the Fights’: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Preview And Episode and Streaming Details

All Rise is an American legal television drama show which is based on a Book called ‘Courtroom 302’ authored by Steve Bogira. The show follows the chaotic and busy lives of judges, prosecutors and public defenders as they strive hard to get justice for the people of Los Angeles. All Rise first broadcasted in September 2019 on CBS.

All Rise Season 1 Episode 9 ‘In the Fights’ is around the corner and this episode will be full of chaos as Lola will be seen struggling with Robin. His distant job offer is somewhat off-putting for Lola and she’s finding it hard to manage with it. Meanwhile, Lola’s relationship with Mark seems to have breached because she reprimanded Amy(Marks Girlfriend) for grandstanding in court. Elsewhere, Emily’s ongoing composure nosedives as she begins to defend a man who’s accused of domestic violence.

There’s a lot to look forward to this episode. As we know All Rise Season 1 is already 19 seasons deep and there will be loads of developments taking place. All Rise has finally started to make sense to the fans and now we can see things falling in place. Be sure not to miss an episode, catch it only on NBC!

Release Date and Streaming Details

All Rise Season 1 Episode 19 is being released on Monday 06 April 2020. This episode is titled ‘In the Fights’ and is returning after a long break of two weeks. This episode will be returning with a chaotic setting where Lola is confused AF with Robins long distant job offer. It’s frustrating and to accession to her frustration, her reprimand to Amy causes a rift with Mark. This episode will be released at 9:00 pm (US) only on NBC.

The runtime of this episode is expected to be around sixty minutes. You can either watch it on CBS at the given timeslot or you can watch it online, in case you don’t own a cable subscription. You can watch it online on CBS All Access, Google Play Movies, Vudu and iTunes. CBS All Access provides a free trial of 7 days. You can enjoy free streaming services for the first seven days and after the completion period, it’s chargeable from $5.99 to $9.99 per month.


All Rise Season 1 Episode 18 released on Monday 16 March 2020. This episode is titled ‘The Tale of Three Arraignments’ and this episode bought a deluge of chaos with itself as Lola and Markland themselves in trouble for taking it too far with their bosses in order to make sure that justice is delivered. But their play plays a reverse role and they get a punishment. As punishment, Lola is assigned to arraignment court for a week.

On the other hand, Mark is given a charge to the evaluation unit. It’s pretty disappointing to see them attending to those punishments because what they did wasn’t wrong by any means and it’s only a flaw in the law system that landed them in trouble. It also reveals how corrupt and unjust our law system is. It gives us a fair picture of reality. Meanwhile, Mark and Lola are given punishments their friend from law school is present there to witness all.

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