All New On Tonight’s The Bachelorette: Is It Better For Jamie To Depart?

Tonight’s The Bachelorette episode wasted little time in reminding us of one thing: You’re almost always on-camera.

Clearly, Jamie thought the cameras were off when he took off with a producer to have a private conversation. That was not the case. Instead, we saw and heard everything that he said about the other guys being beneath him and how Michelle Young was basically in “spring-break mode” through most of the process.

All New On Tonight's The Bachelorette: Is It Better For Jamie To Depart?

He also complained about having to be there for six more weeks, almost like the idea of falling in love was inconvenient for him.

Last week, we saw that Jamie had no problem pulling some tricks behind the scenes, telling Michelle that a lot of guys were questioning her history with Joe when, based on what we saw, that wasn’t really the case.

Tonight, the producers put him into full-on villain territory in a way we rarely see on this show. It’s rare that we see someone be so blatantly harsh when it comes to the competition and even the lead, and that makes us wonder if production will eventually step in and deal with the situation.


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