Alex Rider Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and More

After Season 1, the fans of the “Alex Rider” spy thriller series are ravenous for more. So, will the show come back for Season 2? Here is everything we know.

Alex Rider Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and More

Detective series has the highest rating across the television industry. Every viewer enjoys detective stories, which has turned out to be a hot topic for creators to frame some mind-boggling entertainment pieces. “Alex Rider” is one of those spy thrillers that earned huge praise from the fans. Being the official adaptation from the “Alex Rider” books, the audience was very excited to watch the TV show. Season 1 was an absolute beauty, and its dramatic ending left the audience craving for the sequel. So, when is Season 2 coming? Here are all updates.

Alex Rider Season 2 Release Date

The sequel was announced earlier last year. However, due to the pandemic, the production was interrupted, and it finally started in February 2021. Because of the delay, the release schedule was pushed back. So, till now, the makers have not announced the new release date. But as per our latest sources, “Alex Rider” Season 2 will mostly land sometime in 2022.

Alex Rider Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and More

Alex Rider Season 2 Cast

Season 2 will be more intense as the new cast will dive into the world of suspense. Toby Stephens will join as Damian Cray, Charithra Chandran will play Sabina Pleasure, and Rakie Ayola will join Jo Bryne. The old cast will include Otto Farrant as Alex Rider, Vicky McClure as Mrs. Jones, and more.

Alex Rider Season 2 Synopsis

As the complete show is adapted from the book series, next season will portray the story from the novel “Eagle Strike.” It will continue with the story of Damian Cray, a pop star who is on a mission to destroy the drug-manufacturing countries. Alex Rider will turn to a new adventure, and Season 2 will bring a bag full of events to surprise the audience.

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