After Season 13, What’s In Store For The Cast Members Of BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’

doctor who is certainly in a period of change right now. Following the series’ thirteenth season, there will be a series of specials on Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in 2022 before leaving the series with current showrunner Chris Chibnall. In 2023, Russell T. Davies, who spearheaded the revival in 2005, will introduce a new Doctor and a new season.

However, the issue of the case revolves around: doctor who. After seeing Bradley Walsh & Tosin Cole in Season 12 of doctor who, Mandip Gill has stayed on as Doctor’s companion, Yasmin Khan. John Bishop joins the series’ latest season as John Bishop. The real question is when Whittaker & Chibnall leave, will Gill or Bishop stay on?

After Season 13, What's In Store For The Cast Members Of BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’

Usual? All around a clean slate: new doctor, new showrunner, new companion. The only exception to this was when there was a Doctor switch, but the showrunner remained the same, as did the companion most of the time. Let’s see if we know about the fate of these companions for the Doctor, shall we?

Should they stay or should they go?

In an interview with Weekly entertainmentMandip Gill played coy about whether or not she’ll stay as Yaz after Whittaker & Chibnall’s exits from the show. Given the level of secrecy that tends to crop up around popular series like doctor who, we’re not super surprised at the secrecy. At the moment, however, Gill doesn’t know where the wind blows for her future in the series.

Gill said of any exits in her future: “Well, one, I can’t confirm, but two, there’s just no rules for it. Companions will stay on after that. We’re still not done filming these episodes, it could go either way. The audience is very good, oh, it’s a whole new cast and new companions and they’re working on that.”

As for Davies rejoining the series? Gill said: “But also for me, on a personal level, it really is” [exhales deeply] just to know it’s going on. People want this show. So for everyone, including me, this has been going on for years. Doctor Who has been going on for years, and that’s really all anyone really wants. But we also have a year of really exciting things to happen before that even comes.”

What about the current cast of? doctor who?

In addition to talking about her future prospects (and cast) of doctor who, Gill also discussed the current season. She didn’t know how famous her co-star John Bishop was. Bishop is a former football player, actor, comedian and broadcaster. So, needless to say, he is quite well known in the UK. Gill, admittedly, just didn’t know how famous her new opponent was.

Gill said, “I don’t think I realized how famous John Bishop was until we went for a walk after work. From the moment we left the building, for 30 minutes one way, 30 minutes back, it was just non-stop people asking John for photos. I texted Jodie and said “John is really famous!” I was disappointed.” Nevertheless, she called her fellow cast member “good fun”.

As for her relationship with Jodie Whittaker off-camera, Gill said: “We always measure each other and it really makes Jacob [Anderson] feel uncomfortable because he is so sweet. He says, ‘The way you talk to each other, it’s just not fun.’”


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