Advantages of Creating a Custom Shared Library

Customizing your shared library can be a complicated and intimidating task. However, you gain a lot of benefits in customization that you might not have noticed before.

When you make your own custom shared library, it is easier for other people to use it because they know everything.

You also won’t need to delete any items every time someone else wants to add an item because people cannot erase any content from the shared library.

This article will discuss the benefits of creating a custom shared library.

How is a Custom Shared Library Created?

The main way to create a custom library is to copy your old shared library to a new one. You can then edit the new shared library to include all objects and other areas you want people to use.

In this way, you can make it the same as the original with no major complications.

After the new library is created, check to see if there is a directory in your project folder. If there isn’t one there, creating it will allow you to share the library with someone else.

1. You Can Put Everything in One Place.

Creating your own shared library allows you to put everything in one place such as design systems. It eliminates the need for people to look through all of the different scripts in your game folder, looking for an item or script they want to use because everything is located in one spot.

If they can find what they need, it will take them much less time, and it will be more convenient.

2. It Prevents Overwriting Other Content

One thing to keep in mind when creating a custom shared library is that you cannot overwrite any other content in the game folder.

This means that if someone else uses the same shared library as you, they will not have access to some of your files, which can be annoying.

3. It’s Easier to Use

The last benefit of creating your shared library is that it will be easier for you and others to use in general.

You won’t have to ask where certain items are every time you want to use them because they are all located in one place. You also won’t need to worry about others overwriting any files because they can’t.

4. It’s Easier for Others to Use

Another advantage of having and using a custom shared library is that it is much easier for other people to use.

People can skip right over your folder and use whatever they need without knowing more files somewhere else in the game folder.

5. It’s Easier to Back Up

Using a custom shared library is also much easier to backup. You can make a copy of your shared library before updating the game on your hard drive, so you don’t lose any of the files you’ve created.

This will help you to prevent the loss of any work that you might do in the future.

6. It’s Easier to Update

Another advantage of having your own custom shared library is that it will be easier for you to update.

You won’t have to worry about overwriting files or deleting content when you want to update or change anything because everything is contained in the same place.

7. You Don’t Need Permissions to Use It

The final advantage of creating your own custom shared library is that you will not need any permissions to use it.

You won’t have to worry about editing other people’s files or getting their permission if you need to make some changes.


Overall, there are many advantages to creating your shared library. It will be easier for you to organize your files, and it will also be easier for other people to use.

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