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Ace to Space 2 Voting Poll Results: Who leads this week and who trails behind

By the looks of it, the second season of Ace to Space has reportedly entered the most critical phase as far as the competition is concerned. One of the most notable things about the second season of Ace to Space is the Vikas Gupta is the host of the show. The second season of Ace to Space has started with around 24 contestants. It is confirmed that the second season of Ace to Space will run for around 72 days.

Around eight contestants are going to battle each other to save each other from eviction. The long-time fans of the show are eager to see who will be getting eliminated from the series as voting is the only procedure to save these contestants.

The process of Voting of Ace to Space season 2

The voting method of the second season of Ace to Space is confined only for the audiences from across India. Take a peek at the following steps to vote and save your favorite contestants.

  • Open any internet browser and log in to voot.com.
  • Select the login option present on the top-right corner of the website, select Ace to Space 2 voting window for MTV or Voot shows. Select the name of the participants for casting the vote.
  • The moment the vote is cast, the voter would automatically get a message concerning the voting process.
  • Once the vote has been cast after the voting online window is done, the vote will become a legitimate one.
  • There are no hidden charges that you will have to give through the voting procedure.

The voting lines will be closed on every Friday at around 9:00 AM.

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